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News release about male perpetrators of domestic violence

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I just arrived back from Brisbane, Australia after conducting a public seminar about my PhD research. While there, the Queensland University of Technology marketing and communication department uploaded a media release titled “Misplaced machismo behind domestic violence”. It begins . . .

Societal power structures and some pop culture stereotypes which lead some men to fear appearing weak are often behind intimate spousal abuse, a new study has found.

Clare Murphy of QUT’s Faculty of Law has, as part of her PhD research into men’s intimate partner abuse and control, interviewed 16 men who have been physically, emotionally, sexually or financially controlling of a live-in female partner and participated in programs to stop abuse.

Her research found many men who had been abusive thought that displaying behaviours such as showing empathy and love meant they would be seen as less masculine by other men.

“Most of the men I interviewed were not keen to experience the lack of acceptance and humiliation that goes along with being low on the masculine hierarchy,” said Ms Murphy . . . You can click here to read the rest of this news release.

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  • Jo 29 March 2015, 8:20 pm

    Well said Helen. Spot on.
    Whilst there clearly is an urgent need to tackle “blokey” culture, lets not lose sight of the danger posed by the malignant types who will do whatever it takes to gain and keep control, including playing the sensitive Mr Nice Guy.

  • Helen 21 August 2012, 3:05 pm

    Interesting article…more excuses for the boys who never grew up. What of my abuser who at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 260 pounds would cry and sob to whoever would listen about how he loved me and could not live without me in order to get me back? (Of course they later look at me wondering what on earth I did to the poor man!!) Two weeks later he would be calling me a loser and oh, so much more. Wanted to maintain his place in the masculine hierarchy, huh? LOL Not hardly. He just did not want to go to the trouble of finding a new dumpee for the pain from his bad childhood, until he had to. Didn’t take him long either.