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Warning signs of coercive control

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Speakoutloud.net Clare Murphy PhD warning signs of abuseWarning Signs of Coercive Control by Your Partner

Clues to warning signs that you’re in a relationship that is highly likely to continue to get worse – exist on many levels – including . . .

  1. Things your partner thinks, says and does
  2. Things you think, say and do in response to his attitudes, words and behaviours
  3. Things other people observe and tell you about that they see going on – or that other people don’t see it or get it
  4. Your feelings
  5. Your fears

To read about the warning signs click here. If you’re isolated, or silencing yourself, or just don’t feel safe to be your authentic self – it’s totally ok to seek help from an organisation or a person who UNDERSTANDS family violence and the dynamics of power and control. If you ever seek help and the organisation or person do not understand or make you wrong or minimise your experience – it’s a very good idea to continue to seek support from a safe place that CAN and WILL support you.

Check out the more in-depth blog I wrote about why gender matters here.

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  • rajam 3 December 2014, 12:11 am

    I have just been through a most horrible bullying experience for the past 6 months. I resisted very hard and knew they were all trying to manipulate me against my will into marrying someone I dislike (the main bully) and trying to make me give up a really nice person that I plan to marry, but who is away for some time from here. Your site and some other sites have helped me SO MUCH and I am so grateful for gaining more and more clarity in my thoughts as they try everyday to confuse me.

    May your site help many other bullied people like me before they get involved with the wrong people. Prevention can save a whole life or a good part of it from going down the drain. Again thank you soo much for performing a great social service.