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Clare Murphy PhD Counsellor Supervisor Trainer Researcher

Clare Murphy PhD Counsellor Supervisor Trainer Researcher

Clare Murphy PhD

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Click here for an easy to use world meeting planner. My office is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

CONTACT ME to discuss Professional Supervision and Professional Mentoring.

Using Skype, FaceTime, Phone. Or IN PERSON in Brisbane. I supervise and mentor general counselling and psychology practitioners, domestic and family violence workers, advocates, social workers and other professionals who deal with domestic violence in any way in your work.

CONTACT ME for Talks, Trainings, and Workshops

I conduct training and workshops in Brisbane, South East Queensland and I accept invitations to travel elsewhere in Australia and other countries. If you want to arrange for a training/workshop or talk please contact me.

CONTACT ME if you wish to use my intellectual property

I ask you to acknowledge Clare Murphy PhD as the author and as the owner of as the source. Should you want to use my work in any way I ask that you respect the law and spirit of copyright and contact me here to discuss your requirements.

I charge fees for services.
I offer my in-depth SpeakOutLoud website for free but I charge an hourly fee for private one-to-one counselling, coaching, and supervision. If you cannot afford my fee, please talk with me about the price you can afford.
I provide quotes for consulting work, including court reports, training and workshops, and research projects.

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