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I bridge the gap between psychology and sociology


Clare Murphy PhD

You cannot fully understand yourself without understanding the bigger social picture. I combine the psyche with social forces. Not just one piece of the jigsaw – you get the big picture – the good and bad, beautiful and ugly. I take a wide view of the person and of society. Every thought you have, every feeling you feel, every action you take is shaped by society and – in turn – you shape society. The relationship between individuals and society is complex, multifaceted, and full of contradictions. The tangle often confuses us. So I help you unravel the threads – what is important to you and what is not. I help you change what you can, and help you accept the things that you cannot.

Do you want to stop being trampled upon by others and to start honouring yourself? Maybe you’ve been told you won’t amount to anything, that you’re stupid, not good enough or that you’re unworthy. Do you want to break free, reclaim yourself and to just be happy? Do you feel stuck in the middle of confusing messages and don’t know which way to turn? Seeking support, clarity?

I challenge popular myths, misnomers and stereotypes

For instance, when it comes to gender there seems to be a war of two different worlds. But men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. We are all the same human family, all seeking shelter, sustenance, safety and support. Where each of us differs, both men and women, stems from our unique viewpoints, unique life courses and influences. Our families, our culture and the civil society in which we live have broad rules which seek to stuff us in convenient boxes. But humans can never survive in a “one size fits all” category. There are too many hidden, tricky and conflicting parts of ourselves. Each individual and every collective group of men and of women has vast, multiple understandings learned from the places we grew up, and the people who taught us, and those who have wronged us. We need to learn our own true story and move on. That’s where I’m going.

If you are living with an abusive person and intend continuing to do so

I can help you to Increase your strength and resilience to continue in the relationship.
 Learn strategic ways of communicating with an abusive person.

If you want to leave the abusive person

I can help you to Empower you to make the decision. 
Develop a safety plan and strategies to make the move when you’re ready. 
Help you with strategies to cope with any negative impacts.

If you have already left an abusive person

I can help you to Increase your ability and commitment to continue living without the abusive person in your life. 
Heal from abuse and be supported in creating a new life. 
Reclaim control over your life.

Regardless of your situation I can support you to:

  • Get Unstuck and make sense of your issues.
  • Decide on some goals, assist you with strategies and motivation to achieve your goals.
  • Gain skills to cope with emotional distress.
  • Clarify your thoughts, needs and wants.
  • Learn proven techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Feel more hopeful, positive and alive.
  • Arm you with strategies to cope with debilitating anger, and other effects the abuse is having on you.
  • Work with you to lay the ground for you to grow and flourish into your full alive authentic self.

If you are a friend or family member wanting to support your loved ones I can assist you to:

  • Understand the dynamics of coercive control and abuse specifically related to what your friend/family member may be experiencing.
  • Establish a range of strategies suited to the particular situation you’re dealing with.

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My office is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

CONTACT ME to discuss Professional Supervision and Professional Mentoring.

Using Skype, FaceTime, Phone. Or IN PERSON in Brisbane. I supervise and mentor general counselling and psychology practitioners, domestic and family violence workers, advocates, social workers and other professionals who deal with domestic violence in any way in your work.

CONTACT ME for Talks, Trainings, and Workshops

I conduct training and workshops in Brisbane, South East Queensland and I accept invitations to travel elsewhere in Australia and other countries. If you want to arrange for a training/workshop or talk please contact me.

CONTACT ME if you wish to use my intellectual property

I ask you to acknowledge Clare Murphy PhD as the author and as the owner of speakoutloud.net as the source. Should you want to use my work in any way I ask that you respect the law and spirit of copyright and contact me here to discuss your requirements.

“Clare was sub-contracted to provide counselling services to people referred to the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Counselling Programme, by their GP. A core value of the Programme is that people had easy and timely access to counselling and this required the Programme’s Providers to be responsive and flexible. They were also expected to be able to work within the scope of the brief focussed intervention approach, appropriate for people with mild-moderate depression/anxiety. Clare was one of a group of Providers who was involved with the delivery of our Programme, in its infancy stage. Her responsiveness and flexibility were key factors in people’s ability to engage with her. She has an extensive range of skills and is an extremely competent and motivated therapist. She willingly shared her knowledge with the rest of our Providers and gave a presentation of her research about domestic violence in its psychological form, which was of value and benefit to her peers. Clare’s contribution to our Programme enabled us to implement an assertive outreach approach, which focussed on supporting the client and this was evident in the outcomes of her counselling sessions”.—Sam Tongalea, Mental Health Programme Coordinator

I offer my in-depth SpeakOutLoud website for free. However I need to earn enough to sustain myself. I spend thousands of hours researching in-depth information to help you with my expertise. It is necessary that I charge an hourly fee for private one-to-one counselling, coaching, and supervision.

I charge on a sliding scale from US$99. If you cannot afford my fee, please talk with me about the price you can afford.
I provide quotes for consulting work, including court reports, training and workshops, and research projects. For those who can afford $99 or more, you will be assisting me in being able to help less fortunate people to receive my help and support. Thank you to all my readers. Kind wishes, Clare.