Child custody

Many women feel like failures because they have not stopped the man they love from psychologically abusing and controlling them Most women who attend counselling – to come to terms with their partner’s psychologically abusive and controlling behaviours – often beat up on themselves saying: “I let it happen” and “I feel like I’ve failed”. Women [...]

Why are so many women who are psychologically abused and controlled by male partners losing court battles for custody of their children? There are two cruxes of men’s intimate partner abuse – gender and power. The way that power operates in our society underpins domestic violence and family court judges’s decisions. Whether men deliberately aim [...]

This blog has been revised because the video I wanted readers to see has been removed from the internet, so I’ve left this short blog post here so that all the comments can remain. Previously I introduced a video on PBS video to hear children talking about the impact of domestic violence and the failure [...]