I just arrived back from Brisbane, Australia after conducting a public seminar about my PhD research. While there, the Queensland University of Technology marketing and communication department uploaded a media release titled "Misplaced machismo behind domestic violence". It begins . . . Societal power structures and some pop culture stereotypes which lead some men to [...]

Today I uploaded an extensive list of power and control tactics as used by those men who abuse and control their intimate female partner. (I've updated the list as at 1 October 2014 to include cyberbullying and other forms of abuse using technology). The following list of tactics of power and control summarises the list that [...]

Domestic violence, family violence and intimate partner violence - when perpetrated by men against their female partners - are terms riddled with stereotypes that seep into the public consciousness. The man is labelled a batterer, his victim a battered woman. Everyone knows violence against women is wrong so the social myths help to make rational [...]

The link between alcohol and violence is oversimplified and creates false stereotypes. I bet if you thought of a man who perpetrated domestic violence against his female partner, you would guess he was probably drinking alcohol. In fact this assumption is supported by research that finds that men who use alcohol and who hit their [...]

Do you wonder what it would feel like to be free? Do you have a legacy of fear and shame? Has the aftermath of abuse led you to be a conformist? Or has it led you to be riddled with anger so bad that you rebel? Fear and shame are the lifeblood of one-sided power [...]

People I meet say, "Isn't everyone psychologically abusive sometimes?" Yes many people are. But there's a big difference between healthy relationships and abusive relationships. In a healthy relationship a person uses abuse on one-off occasions. You can predict that they will be caring, loving and respectful most of the time. But in an abusive relationship [...]

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